Path to Final Correction

239We, people, were created uncorrected like little children so that we would work hard to correct ourselves and through our efforts achieve a state equal to the Creator, become like Him, and understand His thought and His plan with regard to us.

This is so that we make our way to the final correction and find out why the Creator has broken us so much, why we need to correct this on our own, in what conditions we should be at every moment of time, and what to learn from it. When we finish all of this path, we will become understanding and ready for something, but we do not know for what.

We have only now received the understanding that in our world there is an opportunity to discover that we are corrupted, an opportunity to correct ourselves with the help of Kabbalah and reach the state of final correction. What will happen to us after that is unknown.

After all, the corrected perfect state of the entire creation is achieved when it becomes one single whole and as one single organism opposite to the Creator. The Creator and creation become equal partners, similar to each other; opposite in their natural qualities, and absolutely identical in their external states of love and bestowal. What happens to them next, we do not know. We cannot understand it.

This is a completely different mind and different feelings when everything merges into one single whole. This is the true state of that single force that is called the Creator.

Someday we will get there. I hope it happens quickly. Then, when we are restored to a complete connection, one single whole and one single organism, the next stage, will come.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is It to Be Out of the Body?” 2/21/11

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