Anyone Can Be a Kabbalist

214Question: What is science in your understanding?

Answer: Science is the exploration of the world through our sensory organs and devices that expand their range of perception of reality to the extent that it is available to us.

Any science is characterized by the repeatability of experiments and receiving real results. In no case should you add any of your guesses, additions, or theories! They take place in science, but only as assumptions, not its basic truths.

I, like scientists, absolutely follow this definition of science. I have no disagreements with them on this. The only problem is that they do not understand that Kabbalah is the same science that studies reality, only the reality that is not available to everyone.

Animals cannot explore our reality. Plants cannot explore the reality of animals and our reality. We cannot explore the reality that Kabbalists discover, only after they have created an additional sensory organ in themselves and thus feel the next dimension, a deeper world, on another wave, which we cannot feel, but which everyone can feel if they develop this sensory organ in themselves.

Therefore, anyone can be a Kabbalist, that is, can receive this additional knowledge.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is Science?” 3/28/11

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