Letting Go Of The Dead

559Comment: Irina writes: “We were born as twins. I always knew when to call Clara, when she was feeling bad, and she would call me. We never fought. Clara died, and it’s as if my strength was drained from me. I visit her at the cemetery, sit there and talk to her—this is my life now. I have a family, children, even grandchildren, but nothing brings me joy. Dear Michael, maybe you can advise me—what should I do?”

My Response: You have to break this connection. This is bad for you and for your sister. You should engage in living completely independently from your sister.

Question: Does such a powerful connection really exist?

Answer: Of course! She got used to it throughout her life!

Question: Since they were constantly connected how can she break free of it?

Answer: By understanding that doing so is harming herself and her sister, and that on the part of her sister, in fact, this connection has been broken. That is, she went somewhere far away.

I felt the same with my mother. Not all my life, but when she died. I felt as if she was carrying me in her arms all my life, and then she let me go. I was already over seventy years old.

Question: So, Irina should let her sister go. Is she holding her now?

Answer: Yes. And this is not good for both the deceased and the living.

Question: What does it mean not good for the deceased? She’s already dead.

Answer: What do you mean, she’s dead?! There is an inner state in a person that does not die. And the fact that the body has stopped functioning, so what?

Question: So she lives on, one way or another?

Answer: Naturally. Exactly right.

Question: And this connection definitely exists?

Answer: Yes. You just have to accept that they exist on completely different levels. They transitioned to a different state of connection.

Question: And have you transitioned to a different state of connection with your mother?

Answer: Sure.

Question: Do you feel her now?

Answer: When I tune in to it, then yes.

Question: So, the connection with the mother never disappears?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/15/21

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