How To Fix Mistakes Not Yet Made

552.03In the News (India Today): “2020 was a bad year. This has been said enough times and accepted by most people who wouldn’t want to be reminded of the terrible year. But, nobody would have thought that a year could be so bad that it will have a dedicated game to it which is kind of fun. Yes, 2020 now has its own game 2020 game, a free web-based side scroller that offers a fun take on last year’s events. …

“Developed by Max Garkavyy, 2020 game was built over a span of six months where each level is an event to forget from last year. The game looks inspired by Super Mario where the ultimate challenge is to avoid the obstacle and reach to the end. These obstacles come in the form of wildfires, COVID-19, TikTok, the US presidential election, and the endless quarantines. …

“Almost none of us want to witness another year like 2020 where everything that could have possibly gone wrong, did. Yet, almost all of us who survived this terrible year can look back at it and be proud. And, there is no better way to revisit 2020 with a bit of fun something that is made possible by 2020 game.”

Comment: Maybe it’s worth creating such a game to go back and know in advance what mistakes not to make.

My Response: I think that’s an idea. Any game in some way shows you a possible future. You can play several options here and see how it suits you, your attitude, perception, and so on.

Question: So the leaders of Europe and Trump, for example, could think and see what mistakes they made?

Answer: The problem is that they do not know where this is going, what these laws of nature are. Their ignorance is ruining them.

Question: And if you were given such a game “2020” now, what would you personally do?

Answer: It should all be built to compel people to get closer. Imagine that we are obliged to get closer to each other. For today, you must feel closer to others so much so that you feel that you are in their life, they are in your life, that you are mixed.

Question: So it is in thoughts, in decisions, in everything?

Answer: In everything! Everything got mixed in this world. And now you have to see how close it has come, and now you have to somehow find yourself in this: “Do I want to stay in the past? No, I have to get closer! And how do I get closer? I cannot. Maybe, after all, one way or another to get around this case? Maybe, like in a game, I can buy some chips, pay for something and not do anything?”

Question: So that all these thoughts that I don’t want to get closer, but I have to, they have to live in a person all the time?

Answer: Our whole life is a game.

Question: So you would take a player and bring him to such a state?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And in all the problems: the hype with food that took place, the movements in America, the presidential elections, the only lever is the thought of closeness?

Answer: Only our closeness. As soon as we get closer, everything turns out right, even if it may not seem so to us.

Question: And what if one of the presidents were playing this game and had to make some decision?

Answer: He would make his state an exemplary stage for closeness. And then they would show the whole world that this is the way of salvation.

Question: His future is then determined and the future of the country, and even the world?

Answer: Of course. We will see in the near future that it will happen anyway.

Question: At the same time, as you say, the head should also think about the world? Is this his initial thought?

Answer: Absolutely. He should think not only about his country. And then his actions will really be set up for closeness, for connection. Everything will be very good. Just wish it would be soon!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/25/21

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