Conflict of Reasons

237Question: How do you distinguish whether you are in corporeal or in spiritual reason?

Answer: It depends on whether I am included in an upper degree, whether I annul myself before it. Or maybe I am no longer annulling myself but have climbed to this degree, I am in it, meaning I begin to absorb its reason into myself and replace my past reason with a new one.

Question: Can there be a conflict of reason?

Answer: Of course! This is a constant conflict because the next degree seems like it is opposite to the present one to you, and its logic seems absolutely illogical because you have to annul yourself, connect with others, be a giver, get out of yourself, and do some seemingly illogical things.

Naturally, your reason is against it. What is considered positive at the upper degree is negative in your reason today; it is stupid. Why on earth would you give to others? Why on earth would you love your enemies? Why on earth would you only think about others? And where are you? These are all illogical actions, thoughts, and decisions.

All this is aimed at making you gain a different attitude to reality and become limitless, infinite. And when you receive for yourself, you are constantly limited in your egoism. You are filled with something and that is it, no more, so you have to run for some other pleasure. You have tasted it a little bit, and again, like a little mouse: here a little bit, there a little bit—that is your life.

You never get satisfied and just get exhausted, dried up. It bores you, it becomes hopeless, dull, and depressive because you feel that all this is useless, and eventually you die.

And another perception of reality is based on bestowal, that is, on getting out of yourself, when you constantly get new desires that exist in other people. You attract these desires to yourself, begin to consider them your own, and fill them.

If this desire was inside you, you would feel a very small pleasure. Look at how a mother feeds her baby. If she would eat the 100 grams of porridge that she gives the baby, what would she feel? And when her baby eats those 100 grams of porridge and lies satisfied, how happy she is! How many times is her pleasure greater than the pleasure of this “piece of flesh” which is now filled!

This is a very small similarity of the pleasure, multiplied many times, which we receive when filling others if only we first achieve love for them.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is the Reason?” 2/21/11

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