The System of Integral Education

269Integral education is a system of knowledge, skills, and exercises that form connections between people in accordance with the upper governing structure, which, like a network, begins to unfold in our world. Our incongruity with this network manifests itself in us as all kinds of crises, from small, private, to universal, global, and including everything within itself.

Integral education should cover all people from above and from below and from the middle of society starting with the elderly and ending with children.

This education should consist of telling people how the world works on a simple level so that they can understand everything; i.e., our world is global, integrated, and manifests itself more and more clearly as one connected system. If the connection between us does not correspond to it, then no matter what we build atop this false connection, which manifests itself by nature, we will always be doomed to failure, bankruptcy, or crisis.

This must be clearly shown to a person. His relations with his household, work colleagues, and with society, and the relations of the whole society, the people, between nations, and the connection of the entire human system with the environment, all this should be global, closed, integral, and unified. This is required of us by nature, which is now manifested in this form and it is the last stage of our development, the rise to the next degree.

Physicists, psychologists, sociologists, and many scientists talk about this, so it’s already very obvious. Therefore, we need to develop a system of integral education and try to implement it wherever possible, and show people how useful it is, that it saves resources, time, health, and improves relationships between people, our way of life, and so on.

Integral education is a practical technique that should be introduced everywhere. Whoever enters it will only win.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for us to get used to this, because our egoistic society is a society of personal gain.

The officials who are in power want to stay there as long as possible, get as much as possible, and then “after us, even a flood.” Therefore, they slow down the process from above. Meanwhile from below, the lack of money and illiteracy slows it down.

It is impossible to get close to children because they are under the auspices of the Ministry of Education with officials who sit and do not want to explore anything. The same is true in all international organizations, including the UN and UNESCO, which prove that there are people everywhere who are only interested in their need to “live and fare and make good.”

That’s the way the world works and I don’t blame the people who are there. This is one egoistic system that has been developing for hundreds of thousands of years. So there will be serious upheavals before people see the light.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Integral Education System” 5/11/13

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