The Effect of Similarity to Nature

571.03Question: Do I understand correctly that integral education is the creation of a network that can later absorb the upper light coming through other people?

Answer: Of course! Certainly. If an equivalence to nature arises in you, then you already have replenishment from above, and the whole huge integral nature acts in unison with you and holds you.

You begin to feel it, breathe together with it, and receive thoughts and feelings from it. When you work in unison with it, you feel that this is the way to do it, while that way isn’t worth doing; here you need to increase, and here you need to reduce something. In general, you begin to feel what nature requires of us.

We explain this to society in the words of our world and they do not need to know that it comes from the hidden laws of the physical world. What difference does it make to an ordinary person who uses electronic devices how they work? Does he understand something about this? He presses certain buttons, and that’s it! Today, a child is happy to work with mobile phones or with any device at all. And what does he know at the same time?!

We don’t know what an electric current is or about the interaction of fields and so on. But we know how to use it. We have learned: “That is this way! And this is that way.” Good. And so it goes. That is, we know what relates to what we use. And we don’t know anything about this nature; it flies somewhere to an otherworldly, foreign region.

To date there are certain studies and effects that are based on knowledge of Einstein’s theory of relativity. And so what if we don’t clearly understand how it works above the speed of light or at the speed of light?! In our world, everything is under the speed of light. Above the speed of light is the next world, the next degree.

Therefore it is enough for a simple person to know that by uniting we arouse in ourselves a common force, the wisdom of the crowd, together with nature. This is provable, and that’s enough for us. It works, and that’s it! This is considered a law of physics.

And we do not understand the inner force of the law at all or its basis. We study only the consequences. A certain mass is attracted by the Earth with a certain force; we calculate the formula and everything is ready! And we use it. This is called our knowledge.

No matter how much we explore our knowledge, it is always limited, always in matter. In other words, we always study only the consequences of some effects that are not felt by themselves. We feel only the effects, but not the force itself, for instance, electric current, magnetic waves, or the gravitational field.

Therefore, people need to know only one rule. When a crowd gathers and becomes organized, certain effects arise in it, the effect of increased wisdom, increased impressionability, increased strength, and increased mental ability to predict, see, and feel. At the same time mutual assistance increases the potential strength of this group, and so on. In this way we raise ourselves to the next degree.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, Conductors of Spiritual Information” 5/18/13

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