According To One’s Needs

565.01Question: In 2020, it has been estimated that a third to one half of the world’s population, almost two billion people, are at risk of losing their jobs or switching to part-time employment. More and more people work from home today. On one hand, this has many advantages for both the employers and the employees. On the other hand, we have stopped wasting time on extraneous conversations, smoking, breaks, etc. But the most crucial thing is that when we stopped working in our workplaces, we lost our social contacts.

What do you think will replace the connections that people had at work?

Answer: I am very glad that these ties are dissipating because they were all egoistic built on the lack of the correct upbringing.

Comment: Accounting for working hours when working from home is quite problematic.

Answer: We don’t need any business hours! We need a person to work from the heart 24 hours a day. This would include one’s physical activity, walking, sleeping, and one’s relationship with their family so that everything altogether would make up their life. Why look at working hours? How many people today work needlessly or with minimal benefit, ostensibly demonstrating their positions are necessary?

Question: Do you think the pay should be based on the number of working hours or on the results?

Answer: Pay should be such as to allow a person to properly exist according to one’s necessities regardless of what one does, where one works, or what position one holds. Payment should be more or less the same for everyone, according to the individual needs of each person.

Question: How can an individual’s needs be determined?

Answer: In order to answer this, we must study people and create well-defined charts of their needs. This is the realm of social work that will involve a lot of people. Each person would make a list of what they need. Let’s say that you need to fill out a form of what you need for a day, a week, a month, and a year.

From such reports, we will understand what everyone needs, and we will learn what we need and what may be completely unnecessary to produce because it only depletes the Earth.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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The Basic Principle For Making Decisions

628.1Question: There are different methods for making a decision. One of them is using the force of habit. It is said that in order to make a decision our brain uses a huge amount of energy. Therefore, if every time you decide where to have dinner and what exactly to eat, then it is best to acquire some kind of habit and that’s it. And then you will go and take what you have already decided in advance.

Another method is the applying algorithms: “if … then.” For example, if my subordinate is two minutes late, then I will do that.

There is a timing method, when within three minutes I have to solve a problem; the “brainstorming” method, when everyone’s opinion is listened to under certain conditions, and some method of collective decision making is applied like voting.

What methods for making decisions do you use in your life?

Answer: I prefer to throw the idea into the group, for them to discuss it until they make a single common decision. And although this decision may not coincide with my initial decision, I agree with it if it doesn’t contradict my opinion completely.

Question: The choice of a solution depends on the influence of various factors. There are personal assessments of the leader, there is a decision-making environment (that is, the group of people), and there are some cultural, temporal or informational differences.

What do you think is the main principle in decision making?

Answer: I think that everything should be solved in the team where the task is set. The goal they should reach is set by the leader. And the team is managed by the manager.

There are three levels: the leader, the manager, the team. Everyone must fulfill their function. The leader gives a clear direction for the future. The manager gathers the team and discusses with them how they are going to determine the way to solve the problem set by the leader. For this the manager manages the team to choose general and particular ways for the solution.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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Guide For Round Tables, Part 15

530Round Table and a Game

Question: We use different games in the practice of round tables: for warm-up, for getting acquainted with each other, for connecting, for role-playing, etc. What do we get from the games?

Answer: The game makes it easy to tune into some fragment of communication between us. It does not oblige one to anything. It easily comes and goes, relaxes, and brings people together. This, of course, is not a condition for making decisions.

Question: The basis of all of the games is competition. Do you recommend that people not compete with each other?

Answer: You need to compete, but first of all with yourself, then with others. For what? In order to maximize my personal and, as I believe, objective opinion.

Question: Where should the energy be directed? Usually during a game or competition, the energy of one is directed against the other.

Answer: No, it should be only to the common benefit; otherwise, it is not a round table.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/9/20

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I Don’t Decide Anything

961.1Question: Who can influence your opinion when making a decision?

Answer: About what? I’m not deciding anything. The Creator solves higher-order problems for me and my students solve lower-order problems.

I ask my students what topic is better to discuss, I ask them to select materials for me for each lesson, etc. And already based on these materials, I begin to explain and confuse them, so that they themselves carry out certain clarifications.

Question: So there are people who can influence your decision?

Answer: This is not a decision. I go with a team that wants to move forward, and according to my request, on my assignment, they select material for their advancement. I think this is correct.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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Guide For Round Tables, Part 14

544Round table: Mini-Laboratory

Question: What functions should be performed by a moderator who directly organizes a circle?

Answer: Everything is in his hands! And it should not be one person, but a whole commission. It is very important how they prepare round tables.

They should send out materials, hold preliminary meetings, give explanations, and find out when people will be ready to meet at the round table. After all, the concept of “round” does not mean the beginning, but the end of the action, which issues a decision that is unquestioningly accepted by all.

The round table is like a laboratory, a mini-model of humanity, where we try to find out our relation to other people, and then with the template of such relations we go out into the wider society and begin to treat other people in all spheres of activity in the same way.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/9/20

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Jews Of America, Part 7

448.3Assimilation of American Jews

Question: Kabbalah has existed for almost 6,000 years. Are there any examples that this technique works and connects people?

Answer: There are no such examples, except for a brief period that includes exiting Egypt, 40 years of wandering in the desert, and the construction of the First Temple. That’s it. Since then, there has been only breakage, separation, and as a result—the exile of Jews.

Remark: Jewish America from the late 20th century to the early 21st century faces the question of its survival. On the one hand, no one is destroying the Jews physically. On the other hand, it is very difficult to talk about a single commonality of American Jews.

My Comment: In America very strong division continues. The Orthodox build “walls” around themselves that separate them from the secular. Non-religious Jews are trying to blend in with the rest of the population and assimilate among them. And they can be understood because they do not see in Judaism the answer to their questions. Therefore, it makes no sense for them to hold on to the principles of their grandparents. They are already brought up differently.

Naturally, in the near future, there will be nothing left of a religious America. Everything is so mixed up there that if it weren’t for the anti-Semites, there would be nothing left of the Jews long ago. And we don’t know what’s next. Most likely, the Orthodox will live separately in places that are fenced off from everyone.

Remark: Interestingly, this is how they preserve themselves for thousands of years. Still, there is some unity among them.

My Comment: This is not unity, but upbringing, through which they preserve themselves. And unity appears only due to the global pressure from outside and the need to survive.
From the KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 11/18/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10/5/20

Preparation to the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic of “Sukkot

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Selected Highlights

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My Thoughts On Twitter 10/3/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

I wish all of us a good holiday of Sukkot. May it be bright, sweet, successful, and warm. May we sit all together in one large tabernacle—all of mankind.

When we are united together, don’t be afraid of losing what we’ve achieved. In caring for our unity, even a loss will happen in order to receive something new, more important than before. We have to forget the prior achievements in order to advance further. Everything will be like new for you each time.

I cannot save or retain anything because my spiritual vessel is just a point, a pixel. I must be connected to the other pixels in the ten. Otherwise I immediately lose what I have achieved. Spirituality can be retained not inside of us, but only in the connection between us

England’s former Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies: We will face a pandemic or health emergency at least once every five years from here on.
My Comment: Only connection between people will create a barrier against pandemics!
From Twitter, 10/3/20

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