The Basic Principle For Making Decisions

628.1Question: There are different methods for making a decision. One of them is using the force of habit. It is said that in order to make a decision our brain uses a huge amount of energy. Therefore, if every time you decide where to have dinner and what exactly to eat, then it is best to acquire some kind of habit and that’s it. And then you will go and take what you have already decided in advance.

Another method is the applying algorithms: “if … then.” For example, if my subordinate is two minutes late, then I will do that.

There is a timing method, when within three minutes I have to solve a problem; the “brainstorming” method, when everyone’s opinion is listened to under certain conditions, and some method of collective decision making is applied like voting.

What methods for making decisions do you use in your life?

Answer: I prefer to throw the idea into the group, for them to discuss it until they make a single common decision. And although this decision may not coincide with my initial decision, I agree with it if it doesn’t contradict my opinion completely.

Question: The choice of a solution depends on the influence of various factors. There are personal assessments of the leader, there is a decision-making environment (that is, the group of people), and there are some cultural, temporal or informational differences.

What do you think is the main principle in decision making?

Answer: I think that everything should be solved in the team where the task is set. The goal they should reach is set by the leader. And the team is managed by the manager.

There are three levels: the leader, the manager, the team. Everyone must fulfill their function. The leader gives a clear direction for the future. The manager gathers the team and discusses with them how they are going to determine the way to solve the problem set by the leader. For this the manager manages the team to choose general and particular ways for the solution.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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