Guide For Round Tables, Part 12

528.02Equality in Circles

Question: According to the rules of the round table, everyone in the circle should be equal and make a decision together. What is this equality?

Answer: Initially, the concept of a circle includes equality. There is no beginning and no end, no senior and junior, no smart and stupid—everyone is absolutely equal. This implies many conditions for how we should maintain this equality.

Question: Let’s say I’m the boss and my employees and I have to make some serious decision for the entire organization. Does that mean we are equal? The opinion of a subordinate is equivalent to my opinion?

Answer: In this case, you are involved in solving the problem, so everyone is accepted on equal terms. It is not that “I am the boss and you are a fool,” but all of you are absolutely equal. It doesn’t matter who knows how much. Otherwise, there will be no circle.

Everyone who is in this circle is equal in power and weight to everyone else. That is, I am equal to you, you are equal to him, and he is equal to him, and so on. So it doesn’t matter who among us expresses which opinion. It is considered a unit and that’s it.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/9/20

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