Theory Of Anti-Semitism, Part 2

laitman_933Bearing the Method of Connection

Question: The Creator, the quality of bestowal,  good, created creation opposite to Himself. It is said by Rashi and many other Torah commentators: “The instincts of man’s heart are bad from youth.” What do you mean from youth?

Answer: From infancy. Every person is born an egoist.

Comment: It turns out that our hatred of the Creator is natural because we are the opposite from Him. We like to receive, but we don’t like to give. Or we like to give, but with the intention of receiving.

My Response: And to get as much as possible.

Question: Does it mean that hatred of the Creator comes from our root?

Answer: Yes, the antithesis of the Creator was originally inherent in us; we must correct it to the opposite—to love Him.

The people of the world do not have this root, so they have nothing to correct. They simply join us to the extent of our correction. And if we don’t improve, they feel that we, the Jews, are bringing negative energy into the world.

Question: Even the Talmud says that if the people of Israel repent, they will be saved, and if not, “this will be your burial place.”

The Creator singled out a group of people from all nations, forcibly united them, and gave them a method of connection. And then what?

Answer: In the time of Abraham, the Creator placed the aspiration for Him in some Babylonians, and Abraham united all those who, at his call, aspired to attain the Creator. So the group was formed, which became known as “Israel” (“straight to the Creator”).

Comment: Later, when the Jews gathered at the foot of Mount Sinai, the Creator set a condition for them: either you accept the Torah, the laws of bestowal, the laws of unity, or here will be your burial place.

This means that there is a people who received a cure for all problems, because only by approaching the Creator can we solve them.

My Response: This cure is to rise above our egoism. And you can rise above it if you really ask for it, and not alone, but together with the others. You will gather many people who will turn together to the Creator so that He will rid them of their egos and give them the quality of love and connection between them.

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From the KabTV’s “System Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/22/19

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