Theory Of Anti-Semitism, Part 1

laitman_750.01Antagonism within the Jewish People

Comment: Throughout the course of human development, there has never been a nation that has been subjected to greater persecution than the people of Israel. Some people say this is irrational. From your materials, I see that this, on the contrary, is rational.

My Response: Super-rational! This is the law of nature.

Question: What is the root of this hatred? As far as I can see, it lies in creation itself.

Answer: Man was created an egoist, but he was given a method of correcting his egoism. It is found in the people of Israel, that is, in a small group of people organized in Ancient Babylon in the time of Abraham, as described in the Torah (Bible), by Flavius Josephus, and in many other Jewish and non-Jewish sources.

In the hands of the Jews is a method of uniting peoples, rising above egoism, reaching the highest comfortable level both in earthly existence and in the unearthly. This means that even during material life, a person can begin to feel the next level of existence and dissolve the boundaries between the earthly and the upper world.

Since this is all embedded in our methodology, the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Jews tried to implement it, especially after leaving Egypt during the time of the First and Second Temples.

This happened in a constant struggle between them. After all, there were groups among the people who advocated the implementation of this method of connection and achieving a spiritual level, a sense of the upper world in this world, and groups who believed that it was impossible or not necessary because, as they thought, there are still other opportunities for a comfortable existence.

Thus, in the people of Israel, there has always been a great opposition of opinions up to the point of civil war. This continued until the complete exile during the period of the Second Temple. Therefore, there was no need for anti-Semitism from the peoples of the world who did not like Jews. Before the advent of the Christian and Muslim religions, they were practically non-existent.

Question: So the hatred was between the Jews themselves?

Answer: Yes, there were many different currents within the people.

Comment: For example, during the Roman Empire, the people were divided into Sadducees and Pharisees. Then the Maccabean war was underway not with the Greeks, but with the Jews who had adopted Hellenism.

My Response: Even during the period of the First Temple, large groups of people formed who were antagonistic to each other.

Comment: In addition, it was not the Egyptians who prevented the Jews from leaving Egypt but a layer of Jews called the “mixed multitude” (Erev Rav).

My Response: It must be said that although during the Crusades or in medieval Europe there were pogroms and persecutions of Jews by the surrounding peoples, the source of it came from hatred between groups in the Jewish people themselves.

All this is based on the spiritual principle. Among the Jewish people, there are those who believe that Jews should fulfill their spiritual function, meaning reveal the Creator in this world for themselves and for other peoples. And there are those who say: “No, we can exist as others. And our religion is given to us to fulfill on a normal, everyday level.” This is what is happening today.

Question: So, the dispute is about what is chosen by God? Do I have to fulfill some external commandments and for this I will have future peace and power over all peoples, or do we have to unite and spread the method of connection among all the people?

Answer: And with this, as it were, to serve them, to become a light for other peoples. In fact, this is a big job, to care for the correction of the whole world.

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From KabTV’s “System Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/22/19

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