What Do We Do In A State Of Ascent?

laitman_261Question: What do we do in a state of ascent?

Answer: In an ascent, you must help everyone; that is, you need to give, to realize this desire on others. This is how you will prolong your ascent, continue rising even more because by absorbing the desires of others, you will be able to climb upon these desires.

Question: Is there a way to stay in this state?

Answer: If you constantly absorb the desires from others and pull them along, rise above yourself in their desires, then your ascent will become continuous and there will be no fall.

Question: If people who have been studying for several years in their respective tens suddenly experience the ten’s descent? What should they do then?

Answer: If their ten is in decline, this means that the Creator specially placed them in such a state. They then need to look for another ten that would pull them out of the fall or do it with the help of a leader because a person will never rescue oneself. As stated previously, a prisoner can’t release oneself from prison.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/27/19

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