Signs Of Soul Growth

laitman_939.02Question: What are the external and internal signs of your soul growing?

Answer: When we start connecting, we give the light an opportunity to spread inside of us. We are beginning to sense and perceive it as fulfilling. In that we see the system of connection between us, in other words, we attain the structure of the soul. This is the most important part because as we gain insight into the structure of the soul relative to how it comes to life influenced by the light flowing through it, we begin to sense the Creator talking to us: how in a wavelike pattern He changes the relationships between us and how by altering the connections between us we can respond to Him. This is our contact, our communication, with the Creator.

Question: Does a person whose soul is growing feel that he is changing?

Answer: Very much so. It all happens absolutely realistically through mutual contact between a person and the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/9/20

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