Companions On The Spiritual Path

laitman_749.03Question: What conditions are necessary to receive a response to MAN? Maybe we need to create a special service for this?

Answer: I do not know what service you can create and for whom. There is no need to build any channels other than proper communication with each other.

The common desire rising from the group will create that service, that channel through which all your private desires, connected together, form a huge desire called “MAN.” You will definitely get an answer to it. It all depends on how much you try to unite among yourselves for the sake of attaining the Creator.

You have a very clear goal: to attain the Creator. Therefore, it does not matter to you who is sitting nearby. If a person wants to be with you in achieving your goal, then he is your companion, and you can progress. That is how you should look at each other, purely as consumers.

Do not look at the appearance of a friend, at his character and habits. It does not matter to you what and who he is. What matters is that he strives for the same goal. Therefore, he can be your companion, an assistant without whom you will not achieve your goal.
From KabTV’s “Fundamenatals of Kabbalah,” 8/18/19

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