Sorting Desires

laitman_571.03Question: How can we understand which desires we can correct now and which we will be able to correct later? How can we not waste time on something that we cannot change?

Answer: Indeed, there are such desires that we are not yet able to change. But it is not important. We can sort them only if we are in a group.

After all, in the group I work on the greatness of bestowal, the greatness of connection. This is called the greatness of the Creator because the Creator Himself does not exist—there are qualities of connection, bestowal, and love.

When I am in a group and work on these qualities, then I start sorting out the desires and thoughts that arise in me and I work with them.

Question: Which is more correct: to focus on sorting the desires of the friends in the group or to give them the opportunity to help me sort my desires?

Answer: The most correct way is when I, being in a group, receive from my friends their thoughts and desires and I become their full assistant, ally, and even slave. I am ready to help them in everything to realize their wishes and thoughts.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 4/14/19

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