Working With Obstacles

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf my goal is to give to the Creator, then it should not be important for me whether I do it from the state of ascent or descent. I make a restriction on myself as if I do not exist, and I am only looking for any opportunity to please the Creator. I constantly live in such a “sandwich”: I only pay attention to my goal to bring joy to the Creator, whether I rise or fall.

Then my attitude to the ups and downs becomes constructive: I evaluate them in terms of what will help me more. Perhaps it is more useful for me to reveal more darkness and all kinds of defects. Already by the fact that I thank the Creator for the evil revealed, I give Him pleasure because I understand that this is preparation for merging with Him. I want to be faithful to Him in bad states just as in good ones and not wait for Him to correct everything.

If I solve the problems and stay in joy, this is a sign that I am on the right track and keep the right direction. There is no good without evil. Evil is a solid foundation with which I can confidently advance to perfect work. I always check where and how, in what form and with what power can I please the Creator as much as possible, attach to Him. I do not strive for Him so that I feel good, but because my whole intention is to merge with Him for the sake of bestowing to Him. Therefore, we can feel perfection in any state so that darkness will shine as the Light, and there will be no difference between darkness and light, day and night, and everything will be united in one great day.

If I do not see myself in such a sandwich, then life will constantly throw me up and down, I will not feel that these jumps are targeted, and I will not be happy about the ups and downs equally.

The Creator is the healer of all diseases. Therefore, when I reveal some kind of breakage, I already have the right medicine. When I reveal the disease, it already means I have a cure: these two processes are inextricably linked. The main joy comes from revealing the flaws. The more we reveal them, the more pleasure we can deliver to the Creator.

If I am ready, I will always be glad for any fall: “Look, there is still a flaw! And here is another one, and more!” I will enjoy and rejoice in revealing defects and regret those that have not yet been revealed. After all, a hidden problem has no chance of resolution, and discovering it is a great blessing from above. If it is manifested, it means it existed before but in disguise.

If the Creator reveals bad qualities, conditions, and broken relationships to us, it is a sign of our progress. We must accept them all with joy because they are sent to us by the Creator with love. We must immediately answer Him with love, gratitude, and blessings for the bad as much as for the good.1

It is not good if everything goes quietly and smoothly in the group. This is similar to a family: if a husband and wife never argue, then it is not life. According to nature, there must be conflicts so that we understand each other’s weaknesses and love each other no matter what. There must be gaps and connections, and only their alternation gives a sense of life.

We do not need to wait for the relationship to be smooth like a horizontal line. After all, it is known that a flatlined electrocardiogram means death. Life means beatings, blows and overcomings: there must be ups and downs.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/13/19, “To Learn From the Descent During the Time of Ascent”
1 Minute 2:40 – 11:24
2 Minute 16:00

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