A Sign That We Must Share The Method Of Correction

laitman_962.7It is not necessary to grieve about a ruined building hoping that if we build it in Jerusalem, we will change something for the better. The Temple is in our heart, where mutual bestowal and love should exist. This will be the holy structure, which means above our egoism.

This is what we should aspire for and this is the destruction we should regret—the one that is happening right now, not the one that happened sometime in the past. The Temple is being ruined day after day, that is, the connection between us is destroyed more and more. New informational genes (Reshimot) are revealed, but we are unable to correct them and that is why the destruction is happening. The possibility for connection is revealed again and is destroyed again, and so it goes moment after moment. This is what we should regret.

But instead of dealing with our inner correction, we cling to matter. We do not understand that the Torah is sanctity, that it is detached from matter and relates only to our spirit. The stones and geographic places where historical events took place are more important to us. It is very difficult for a person of this world to give up material symbols; he feels as if he is in space. The earthly symbols confuse us and we begin to sanctify material objects instead of thinking about the intention.

At the same time, Kabbalists did not call for the abolition of material symbols because a person lives by them. It is important that one has a daily routine, holidays, and special days, reminding one that there are spiritual forces and qualities behind them. Otherwise, a person will not remember spirituality. If one is not connected to spirituality, then at least the material symbols will remind the person of it. Therefore, symbols cannot be canceled; we only need to add intention to them. Both have to exist as long as our world exists.1

The only thing that we are lacking in our state is to reveal the Creator, the force of bestowal, love, and connection. If we aspire specifically to this, then this is the correct work and direction. Exile (Gola) is a broken will to receive unable to connect in order to feel the true reality. We just need to add the letter “Aleph – א” to it, the Creator (Geula—redemption), and then the desire to connect will reveal to us the entire true reality.

It is written: “And they will teach no more… for they will all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them.” That is, all the crumbs of the will to receive. With the help of the reforming light, they will build a common vessel inside of which they will attain the upper force. Everyone must come to this; not even one part of the desire should be missed. If even one of them does not connect to the common will to bestow, it will be missed in the great Malchut of the world of infinity.2

The evil is revealed in the world more and more, day by day, and there are signs of recognition of this evil in humanity. People are beginning to understand where evil comes from. But this is only the recognition of evil, not of the way of correction. There is still no recognition of the mission of the people of Israel; on the contrary, the opposite, negative attitude is growing. It must be revealed that the method of correction is within the people of Israel.

Everyone agrees that the situation is bad and deteriorating day by day. But the main thing is to convey to people that the correction will come only through unity, and that the people of Israel have the method of unification. Until that happens, anti-Semitism in the world and the negative attitude toward Israel will continue to grow. This is a sign that the knowledge of the source and the method of correction are insufficiently disseminated.3
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/29/19, Tishaa BeAv (Ninth of Av)
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