The Spiritual Inanimate Level

laitman_237Question: We know that the inanimate level wants to preserve itself. How can one move from this state to the vegetative level? How do we combine the two desires?

Answer: The inanimate level refers to all of nature. A spiritually inanimate level in me is a feeling of no inner spiritual movement, no possibility to bestow, to fulfill someone, to be somewhat similar to the Creator. On the contrary, there is an understanding that I exist under the control of my egoistic desires, which are given to me by the Creator and the Creator controls them.

The spiritually inanimate level is the realization that all my desires come from the Creator, are dictated by Him, and I am under His full authority. I am an egoist because He created me like this, and then I say that I am under Pharaoh’s control. This, however, is also the Creator, only in reverse.

I feel that I am ruled by the egoism given to me by the Creator. All my desires, all movements, everything I do—how I sit, walk, act, and think—the Creator generates in me.

I can then say that I am at the spiritually inanimate level. This is a spiritual level because it is connected with the Creator, and an inanimate level because not one of my movements are mine, everything is only His.

It is a very interesting state. It applies to no other people in our world because they are generally non-spiritual.

“Spiritual” means connection with the Creator. Moreover, a clear connection: I feel how the Creator moves my arms, legs, thoughts, feelings; everything I feel around me is also Him. Through all the “puppets” in my whole life, He has such an effect on me. All this is a spiritually inanimate level.

It is not an easy step in the attainment of the universe and the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/9/19

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