Working With The Level Of Still Nature

laitman_741_02Spiritual work is the fulfillment of man’s egoistic nature in order to attain the upper goal: unity with others and, through it, unity with the Creator.

Every level of his desires belongs to that, including the level of still nature. This is the reason that if I yearn for the attainment of the goal of creation, for the revelation of my movement toward the Creator, I first must focus myself in all my desires on the initial level, on level zero.

I must see myself as a total zero and constantly maintain and hold on to that level. This means that I make a restriction (Tzimtzum) on myself and exhibit the initial standard.

Then, the Creator begins to work with me by continuously changing different parameters, conditions, and relations in me, and I must hold on and maintain this standard.

When I hold on for a while under these conditions, I can begin to change myself by myself and move on to the level of the vegetative without waiting for Him to throw and rock me from one side to side. At the same time, I must hold on to the right intentions. Now, I change the different conditions inside me by myself in order to advance.

In other words, I can advance not according to speed, but according to its derivative, acceleration, by transcending by myself to a higher order level, which is multiplied by ten.

The level of still nature is the level on which I keep myself totally focused on the goal of creation, no matter what external parameters influence me. This is where everything begins, as it is said, everything grows from the earth.

A person grows from the earth. If I don’t want to be an egoist anymore in my mutual relations with the environment, this is the level of the still nature because I hold on to it by determining quality through it. No matter what is done with me, I hold on to my line.

My friend and I, for example, continuously maintain good and unchanging relationships despite the global human storms, family tragedies, and social changes we undergo. What is more, these changes can be on different levels: still, vegetative, animate, or speaking.

We must hold on to it despite the impact of different external factors that keep us apart: slander, plotting, and so on. Love covers all our problems.

This is the level of still nature in which we encounter all the interruptions of the levels of still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature. However, despite all the kinds of interruptions, we still remain permanently connected, and, thanks to them, we ascend and complete our work in the world of Assiya.

It isn’t simple. A person is strongly affected on all sides, but he constantly must work on raising the greatness of the goal since otherwise he will not be able to hold on to it. The states that he must confront will throw him from one side to the other.

Question: Does this mean that I present myself as a total zero and say to the Creator, “You cannot force me to accept more than this level. I can take only 20%”?

Answer: No, I cannot take anything. The earth doesn’t accept anything, except for cases in which something must grow from it. This is the next level already, the vegetative level that belongs to the earth.

Here, we face a dilemma. Do I correct the earth so that it would produce the level of the vegetative, or do I want to work on the level of the vegetative, and therefore use the earth?

I am either in the world of Assiya using the world of Yetzira for the sake of the world of Assiya, or in the world of Yetzira using the world of Assiya in order to ascend above it. Baal HaSulam speaks about that in the Introduction to The Book of Zohar.

This is what our work with the earth, with the level of the still nature, is about.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/16/14

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