Until All The Friends Are In My Heart

laitman_962.6The transition is a short and difficult period because it requires you to leave the old place, those special conditions in which we are located, our properties, and move on to new qualities. That is, we are obliged to leave the previous, familiar and comprehensible conditions under which we have already established contact with each other and created a common Kli in a certain form. Suddenly, we find ourselves in some intermediate state, incomprehensible, unknown, unstable, and confusing, containing several new, changing conditions, until we reach a new stage.

This new state is also unfamiliar, incomprehensible, and takes time to stabilize. There are people who adapt easily to such changes, while others have great difficulty. But in any case, the transition period is not easy for anyone. Our basic level is the animate one. An animal dislikes change. It exists according to its nature. However, now the human level is changing in us, and such changes cause us to constantly experience new feelings, confusion, and unsolvable contradictions.

First of all, one needs to understand that the transition period belongs to the human level and that without these changes, it is impossible to become human. Although it is not easy, Kabbalists must go through them. During the transition, a person loses self-control and does not understand how and exactly what to control because internal parameters change and the perception changes accordingly.

And besides, a person has no understanding where the change is or what is right and wrong. There are conditions that are very difficult to overcome. The only solution in this situation is to focus more on the action than on the thoughts: to connect more strongly with the group, the friends. You will then find yourself in a new state. There is no doubt that the next new state requires us to have greater connection with the group.

In the material world, transitional periods last billions of years, but on a spiritual level such a transition takes a few years, accommodating a lot of huge changes. We are moving from one world to another and even not once, but several times. Let us hope that we will make this transition with understanding and that we will support each other because this is a transition to a spiritual level.1

The whole world should be perceived as a person’s own spiritual Kli. There are friends in this world who think the same way I do and strive for the same goal. This is my support, my properties that are in solidarity with me. But there are those who have not yet been corrected and I need to try to bring them closer to me, correct them, and include them in myself. I myself am the most flexible part that I can dispose of, and therefore, I can descend to others, absorb, embrace, lift, and give the correct form to our connection.

The whole world should be considered as my soul, which I attach to myself gradually, circle after circle: from the first circle, my “I,” then my friends, the world community of Bnei Baruch, and then the whole world.

The transition period is the time of the learning about one’s own soul, the Kli. The whole world is my soul and I need to gradually start to attach it, take care of it, and include it. This is not just the outside world with many different nations, the inanimate nature, plants, animals and other galaxies. Such a picture only appears in my imagination. In fact, all of reality is within me, and I include the whole world.

Every person must say: “The whole world was created for me,” and so I must constantly take care of correcting the world and fulfilling its needs. In essence, I see flaws not in others, but in myself, and I pray for my correction until this entire reality is included within me, and I will see it as the ten Sefirot of my spiritual Kli.2

By changing my properties, I see how the world changes. The world is a projection of my properties. It only seems to me that it exists outside of me, but in fact, it is only inside of me, as if there is a projector inside me that projects my properties outwardly in the form of a picture of the world. Therefore, by changing my properties, I can change the world by projecting a film that I see in front of me.3

The group is given to me so that I can form my inner world inside it, as if it is my external reality, and begin to manage both worlds. Looking at the external reality, I change myself from the inside, and when I look at my internal reality, I know what needs to change from the outside.

The outside world is given to me so that I can see my inner properties with greater resolution, with more details. We must be grateful for the opportunity to see the world outside ourselves because it gives us a very accurate, wide, deep and rich knowledge. If we looked at these properties within ourselves, we would not see anything.

We change the properties within ourselves and do not really understand how this affects everything. Only by changes in the external world can one judge the essence of his internal changes. By correcting relationships with friends, I correct my inner qualities. This happens until all the friends are in my heart and turn into ten Sefirot, given to me each time to tune myself to the perception of a higher spiritual reality.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/17/19, “Bnei Baruch as a State of Transition”
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