How Does One Make The Right Request To The Creator?

laitman_284.07Question: How do I ask correctly if I realize that the request erases the feeling of the situation that I am in? Am I not avoiding what the Creator has sent me?

Answer: No. Often when you ask, you begin to realize your request is unnatural and weak and that you should be asking for something else, stating your request differently. It doesn’t matter.

You should understand that we exist inside a rigid system. You don’t just send off a letter somewhere and that is the end of it. You constantly work in this system; therefore, your appeal changes along the way, it is reformulated.

The system reacts in its own way. For example, as I start telling you something, my thinking changes. I start discovering other options for the questions, different answers, ways to express them, etc. This is the interaction with the system that I exist in, and I cannot exit this matrix.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 11/4/18

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