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Our work is meant to accelerate our development. Just as a computer program can run at a speed of 100MHz or 1000MHz, so man can return with varying frequency to the thought of the Goal, the Creator, where he is in his intention and aspiration, accelerated development!

Man cannot provide for his existence in isolation from society. He is created to live within society, like a cogwheel in a mechanism. He has no freedom of motion—he is intertwined in the common motion so the mechanism as a whole will fulfill its task.

Each person’s egoism is necessary for independent existence, the provision of one’s vital necessities.
Use of egoism beyond the necessary is for the benefit of others. It is thus transformed to altruism.
Use of egoism beneath what is reasonable for one’s existence is forbidden!

The degree of ego’s development determines the degree of its use and of man’s development: 1. open use, 2. restricted use, 3. hatred for one’s egoism, 4. awakening of love for others (altruism), the foundation for goodness, from love for those close to you to concern for all mankind.

Egoism doesn’t refer to natural self-love, required to sustain one’s animate existence, but rather to the character it takes on of hatred and exploitation of everyone for one’s own sake, which generates theft and murder.
By that, it is opposite to love for others and destroys society.
(Baal HaSulam, “The Nation”)

The quality of #Singularity is instilled in every creature by the Creator—their only root. But when it unites with egoism, the quality of singularity becomes destructive: with it, all creatures wish to use the whole world for their own benefit, not caring about others’ demise.

The further man advances, the more he cares about his environment (above egoism 0-1-2-3-4) until entering spirituality, when he ceases to feel his own existence at all and works in bestowal, without personal calculations. He thereby becomes free, autonomous, spiritual.

We thereby attain equivalence to the Creator. What we receive for our sustenance is not considered reception.

Each person’s desire separates him from the Creator—this is where we exist. The Creator’s plan is for us to become independent and similar to Him, that is, without changing the desires, to change the intentions from “for myself” to “for you.”

Likutey Etsot: “The world’s foundation is unity of two opposites. If you see a person who is of the opposite opinion, and think that it is impossible to accept him, do not be quick to assert so. On the contrary: the world’s perfection is to try and reconcile two opposites.”

Zohar, Tetsave 86: “Light emanates only from darkness. When darkness submits, the Creator is revealed in His glory. Serving the Creator happens only from darkness, and only out of evil does good follow. Perfection is when good and evil are together in order to then turn into good.
All good comes from evil.”

#Zohar: By virtue of this book they will come out of exile by disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah among the masses, they will merit full emancipation from egoism because its light (force) returns to the source (the Creator). Otherwise they cannot attain their predestination.

Baal HaSulam: “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Its Essence”: “I am happy to live in a generation when it is possible to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah. Since before our time, Kabbalists were not permitted to study Kabbalah in the open, before everyone and with explanations. This permission has been granted because of the special state of the generation.”

Baal HaSulam:”The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Its Essence”: “Since the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks of the Creator’s revelation, no wisdom is more valuable. Kabbalists described it in a way that allows one to study it effectively and be corrected. Then they temporarily concealed it in order to reveal it in our time forever.”

Just like the sea enters in-between mountains and separates them, egoism has entered between us and separated us. We must erect bridges of love above the ego. We will then begin to attain and control all of nature: our egoistic nature and the Creator’s altruistic nature.
This is the aim of our #development.

Growing #egoism elicits hostility in society, of everyone toward everyone, dividing society into tinier and tinier hostile groups by color, religion, gender, etc. No one is able to unite. But it is those evoking these conflicts who will soon begin to mutually destroy themselves.
From Twitter, 2/24/19

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