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#Fukuyama: #Democracy has gone wrong.
Well how else can it go if it is but freely developing egoism? Hence it leads to ego’s development and disintegration of families, nations, etc. into constituent parts. Next: realization of #egoism as evil and its correction by #Kabbalah.

Baal HaSulam, Letter 9: “To this day I wish to do this difficult work, and I am ready to undertake it even for 70 years in a row, even without seeing any success in it, and devote all the days of my life to it ….
… only to be sure that I am following the path of adhesion with the Creator, which I came to know earlier.”

Baal HaSulam, Letter 32: “The Creator is in the heart of every person who aspires to Him. But that is from His side. What, then, does man lack? Only to know this. Because knowing this completes everything and leads to perfection.”

How close is the Creator to you? As much as you turn to Him and are close to Him. Since He is the one evoking these feelings in you. So do everything to turn His attention to you. The Creator is your shadow. Try to feel His work on you in everything …
Avodat HaShem, the Creator’s work.
From Twitter, 2/23/19

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