How Do You Reach Faith Above Reason?

laitman_276.05What is faith above reason? Within reason means according to our understanding, according to the mind of a person of this world, one’s egoism. According to it, one understands, feels, makes decisions, and acts, which is called: “according to my opinion.” Yet, above my opinion is the opinion of the upper, and it means I must exchange my opinion for the opinion of the Creator.

But I do not know the opinion of the Creator; it reaches me through my ten. If I am connected to it, then by gradually annulling myself and integrating in the friends, I will exchange my opinion for theirs. This is not just a simple exchange of one thing for another, otherwise I would become an angel, that is, a spiritual beast. I perform this action above my reason, keeping my opinion and rising above it. That is, I occupy two levels, and in the difference between them, I find the understanding of a spiritual person.

Nothing gets destroyed and nothing disappears from the person’s senses. Instead, he acquires another, additional nature of the Creator, and then obtains faith above reason. He has his reason and faith above it, and he exists between them. The Creator did not create our desire to enjoy in vain. It is the foundation that accompanies us all the time so that “The darkness will shine as light.” The darkness of my egoism, of my opinion, supports the opinion that is above it. It is from the contradiction between them that I attain the greatness of the Creator upon the background of the lowliness of the created beings.

We do not cancel ourselves and do not lose anything in ourselves. Firmly standing on both feet, we build the middle line, and only in this way do we position ourselves as a man, Adam, similar to the Creator. Everything in this created being is received from the Creator, but according to the decision of a person himself.1

The Creator gives me an adapter that connects me with Him—it is the ten. This adapter is very complicated, but there is no choice, I must connect it and use it, no matter how many years it takes. I must annul myself or I will not connect to the group, because my plug does not fit its socket. The Creator is inside the friends and He helps me connect with them more and more until I start to reveal Him within them. I begin to work with the Creator through the friends because they are my soul and the Creator is the Light that fills this soul.

The main thing is to integrate with the environment. I then begin to receive opinions, desires, and thoughts not just from the upper degree, but from a completely new quality. There is faith above reason inside the group—a new perception, not inherent to a person of this world.

Therefore, there is no choice but to annul ourselves and enter the group, leaving behind all our experiences. We are talking about an adult with a lot of life experience and knowledge, but he makes an embryo out of himself, a zero relative to the group. When one starts receiving knowledge from it and starts growing, then on the basis of one’s previous qualities, thoughts, and desires of the former self, one builds faith above reason. One cannot be without the other.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/23/19, Writings of Rabash, Vol. 1, Articles “Rungs of the Ladder,” Article 21 “Concerning Above Reason” (1986)
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