Answers To Your Questions, Part 231

laitman_962.7Question: Is it possible to say that the Creator wants a person to study Kabbalah to make Him feel joy? In other words, will I fulfill the desires of the Creator if I engage in and study Kabbalah specifically to please Him; will He experience joy (even though I won’t know about it)?

Answer: Yes. It is specifically when there is no impurity of egoism in mutual connection with Him and on His level!

Question: Can transcendental meditation be considered bestowal to the Creator?

Answer: No.

Question: What does it mean that the Messiah sits at the gates of Rome?

Answer: At the end of the work with egoism, the Messiah, the power of complete liberation meets you. Messiah (Mashiach) comes from the word “Moshech” – pulling, pulling you from egoism.

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