Facing The Heavenly Court

laitman_537Question: For me, making money means to prey on other people. Marketing and advertising is built on this: selling something unnecessary to a person, using any means to convince him to spend money.

Listening to you, I sometimes admit that we all are one, and by preying on others we are probably harming ourselves. So how can we make money?

Answer: Now you can earn money with a clear conscience because you already understand that you are actually cheating yourself.

In principle, if a person really appeared before the heavenly court, he would have nothing to say and the court would have nothing to answer. No one would have a claim—neither the Creator to a person, nor a person to the Creator—because in our world nobody does anything. We blame everything on ourselves and on others. In fact, these are not our actions.

From our side there can be only one action: a serious orientation toward a group in order to attain the Creator. It is then that we really apply group forces in spite of our egoism in order to accelerate the revelation of the Creator. This is our addition.

Question: Is there a heavenly court?

Answer: Of course. This is an integral system of connections in which we exist. It is this system that judges what you contribute to it, or on the contrary, take from it. You yourself are your own judge and lawyer.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/2/18

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