At The Beginning Of The Spiritual Experiment

laitman_938.05Question: Kabbalah is a science. Can we take a certain segment of people and show that they can be corrected by this method?

Answer: Science is what you hypothesize and then confirm in practice. Once you have clear results, the hypothesis becomes a science.

Currently, we do not have this data. We have just come to the beginning of the experiment. If this experiment works successfully, then we will be able to say that the science of Kabbalah was proven in our time.

Kabbalah is a practical experimental science, and this is the way we work.

Question: So you aren’t saying that Kabbalah is a method of correction? Do we just make attempts at it?

Answer: Even if I did affirm this, I would be ridiculed: “Where did you get that Kabbalah is a method of correction?”

That is, I see how it works on myself and I can see some others. But how does it work on the world scale?

We are in a state when we are just starting its implementation. The fact that the world is on the decline is clear to us. The fact that the world has no method of correction is clear. The world has no power to fix itself, it has no understanding of how it works—this is clear too.

The only way I can prove experimentally that I possess the method that actually works is to demonstrate it on myself and others.

I am sure of the scientific nature of the method Kabbalah because I have experienced it firsthand and have seen it actualized on my teachers. I see how gradually it is been introduced over decades. I have been involved in it for over forty years, but I cannot show this method to anyone else.

Logically, all this is true, but until proven in practice, no one will listen to us. If you take a certain society and teach this method to it, if it masters it on itself and can demonstrate it to the rest of the world, then everything will work out.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/24/18

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