Kabbalah—The Science Of The Upper System Of Governance

laitman_214.jpgQuestion: I am a chemistry scientist, and don’t understand how Kabbalah can be connected to science. It seems esoteric to me. Why do you say that Kabbalah is a science?

Answer: It really is difficult to understand because Kabbalah is not a science of this world. Everyone can study the science of this world without any internal change, since our inherent material qualities are sufficient for it.

Kabbalah is a science, but it studies the upper system that governs our world. Therefore, first of all we must understand the language in which it is written. Then we need to find out what is behind each word and each definition. Only then will we begin to penetrate deeply into this science and study it.

Obviously, the knowledge of chemistry or of some other material science won’t help. It may well be that the simplest person, who is far from science, will have a propensity for Kabbalah and a desire to study it, and a great scientist will understand nothing and won’t be able to approach it.

Question: What is this system that governs us?

Answer: The upper system is a network of forces that governs our entire life, the universe, and each of us. This is a huge, multifaceted network of forces that pervades the entire reality and binds together all of its elements.

Our universe is in a particular place that exists by itself, although we don’t feel it. And the stars, nebulae, and other cosmic objects are located inside this place. They all exist in a close connection with each other. Imagine what would happen if they all weren’t bound into one network, what chaos would reign in the universe.

Exploring the universe and nature in general, we find out that everything in it operates according to strict laws, as it is written, “The law is given and cannot be transgressed.” The wisdom of Kabbalah studies this entire reality, the network of forces, and most importantly, finds out for what purpose everything is created, in what form humanity and the universe in which we exist are developing.

Question: Are we part of this reality?

Answer: Of course, we exist on Earth that develops in a certain direction and fly in space thousands of kilometres every second along with our entire universe. The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about this entire reality. Modern science is a part of Kabbalah and exists within certain limits that are set by a given nature of a person.

For example, Einstein discovered that by changing our angle of view at reality, we change it. Kabbalah goes even further by saying that if we change a person, his inner qualities, then the reality will change.

However, how is it possible to take a screwdriver and adjust something in a person in order to adjust him in a new way and to let him see the new reality, the new world, in his new qualities? The wisdom of Kabbalah allows us to do this!

Question: What do we need to change in ourselves for this?

Answer: We don’t need to change anything, all the changes are done by the force that is hidden in Kabbalah, the force of Light, the inner force of the whole reality that affects a person and changes him.
From the virtual lesson “The Time of Kabbalah,” 7/4/17

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