A Loved One’s Death

laitman_766.7Question from Facebook: What is the reason for the pain that we feel when a loved one dies?

Answer: The pain from the death of a loved one is purely egoistic pain, like any other pain of ours. We feel that we are no longer getting something that we wanted and could have received or had already received from him in the past.

Even when we miss another person and supposedly weep for him, we are actually mourning for ourselves. Only for yourself! “Why has he disappeared from me and I can no longer enjoy him, his presence, his companionship?”

Question: What is the sensation of pain from loss of a relative for someone who is found on a spiritual level?

Answer: There are no losses on a spiritual level! There is only acquisition, elevation from level to level.

Question: You were very connected to your teacher, Rabash. How did you feel when he died?

Answer: I was not sorry and didn’t cry, but there were other students of his by my side who cried bitterly.

Question: Was he like a father for you?

Answer: He was the closest person to me, but I felt that his transcendence was happening and there is no loss in that. He himself decided to go like that and I felt this a few days before then, even though he absolutely didn’t show any signs. He suddenly had a heart attack and that was it.

Comment: There is a Jewish prayer for the dead, “Kaddish.”

Answer: This is not a prayer for the dead, in this prayer we praise the Creator: “Magnified and sanctified is His great name!” There are no tears and crying! Not even the name of someone who died is mentioned, that someone has been cut off from me, disappeared from my field of vision and is gone, that he has ascended to the Creator. There is none of that! Rather only: “Magnified and sanctified is His great name!”

Question: Is this the approach to pain about those who died?

Answer: A blessing for the Creator is the most correct approach. We need to move from feeling our world through the physical body, to feeling the spiritual world through the soul. We will then understand the truth and it will seem that nobody has died, that nothing has been lost, that we are all together; we only need to attain this mutual feeling.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/22/17

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