I Want The Truth!

Laitman_632.2Remark: You are like kids in a sandbox, role-playing friendship and love, that is, things that you do not feel…

My Comment: This is not our invention. This is what Kabbalists—people who have already attained spirituality—write and explain to us that there is no other way.

Even if I take half a step toward the goal, it is nevertheless a great achievement for me. I cannot imagine where I am in relation to perfection, to the Creator, and therefore, half a step is very important to me. I want to devote my inconsequential material (animal) life to a life that is human—to the attainment of the Creator.

If you do not want to, don’t. Except, what is left for you in life?

Remark: But all of this is a game, and I want the truth…

My Comment: You will receive the truth when you have the corresponding perception toward the spiritual. In the meantime, you need to play how a child plays. We advance according to nature. Like a child accumulates experience until reaching maturity in the mind and heart (in the senses), we do it similarly. For us, this is really serious work.

Twenty years pass before a child becomes an adult and barely begins to understand something about life. Similarly, it can also take us twenty years. Indeed, it is all a game, but one with a precise intention.

Children do not understand that they are playing, because by nature they do everything automatically. We, however, understand that we need to play, and therefore, we create a correct environment for ourselves so that by playing in it, we pull ourselves up to the level of an adult, namely, that of a Kabbalist.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 3/22/18

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