Grow A Human Out Of Oneself

laitman_942Question: If I try to pretend that I see the upper force behind all objects, do I still need to ask myself, “Why do I want to reveal it?”

Answer: Naturally! You grow a man out of yourself! What for, why, how? You do not do it in order to spend a nice evening, to enjoy something, and after that, it does not matter because the main thing is to feel good now. Not at all!

Kabbalah discovers where the truth is. For its sake, I am ready to sacrifice my present pleasure at every minute and go against it. This is my struggle.

I always weigh what is more important to me: truth or pleasure? And then, I set the screen over my desire and act in the name of bestowal. Working against pleasure, I suddenly begin to feel that there is 620 times more pleasure in bestowal than in reception.

Question: Does a person have the ability to control his desires, to make such calculations?

Answer: Everything is done by the upper Light! We do not need to be sophisticated. The only thing is not to be shy but to try to implement everything in the group correctly and consistently.

The group is the biggest obstacle. A person does not want to get close to others. He cannot imagine that this is what will give him such stunning results.

Of course, there are people who are ready to connect, but for them this is earthly connection. Spiritual connection is practically difficult for everyone.

Therefore, nothing is more, less, better, or worse. Everyone has to go through this stage where by clenching their teeth, they work in a group, try to get included in it, do something, and do not shy away from group activities. It is their effort in spite of their desire that gradually gives results.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/13/18

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