Faith, Fear, And Adhesion With The Creator

laitman_276.02Rabash, “Love of Friends – 2”: Yet, to acquire faith, fear must come first, as it is related in the introduction to The Zohar: “Fear is a commandment that contains all the commandments in the Torah, since it is the gate to faith in Him. According to the awakening of one’s fear (in His guidance), so one believes in His guidance.”

It ends there: “The fear is lest he will lessen the giving of contentment to his Maker.” This means that the fear that one should have with regard to the Creator is that perhaps he will not be able to give contentment to the Creator, and not that fear will concern one’s own benefit. It follows that the gate to faith is fear; it is impossible to reach faith by any other way.

Question: It is unclear: how do we reach fear without faith? Yet at the same time, it turns out that faith cannot be achieved without fear? We have a vicious circle.

Answer: This is a vicious cycle. Both faith and fear are forces that exist above us and represent changes in the internal parameters of our system.

Therefore, reading Rabash, we can only agree that probably this is the way it should be. We then study the description of the actions we must perform. Through such actions we attract the influence of the upper force, the so-called “Light that returns us to the source,” upon ourselves. It changes us and creates the quality of faith, the quality of love in us.

Comment: Nevertheless, by the end of the article, Rabash logically sets out what should be first, in the middle, and at the end.

My Comment: Everything is arranged by itself, even if you do not know it. The point is not to know, to do, and to receive. In the spiritual world, you have to perform certain actions that attract the upper Light and it gradually makes such changes in you that are called faith, fear, and adhesion with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 4/12/18

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