Search For The Woman!

laitman_602_02Question: The ancients wrote, “search for the woman!” Why were “free” women throughout history identified as the source of conflicts, separation, wars, and trouble?

Answer: That depends on the men not the woman. The woman, of course, has her own character: deceit, desire to possess a man to use him.

This is a purely egoistic desire of women that exists in all of us, including in men. Therefore, in our world the correction is placed more on the male part. In man there exists the feminine (egoism) and the masculine (the ability to correct the ego). And with women, the arrangement of the forces between the right and left lines, between the desire to receive and the intention to bestow, is different.

They are aimed more at their nature and depend on it. Men are more distracted from spiritual work because their involvement with women, since, as it is said, his biggest desire is the sexual desire toward women, especially after the destruction of the Temple, and as if with women, the distraction from the spiritual world comes from their dependence on men. Thus, the picture of their disturbances, if different, is wider and mutual.

Question: What does it mean that women are dependent on men?

Answer: A woman needs a man; she looks for and needs to be close to him, wants to be connected and is dependent on him because the desire of the woman after all, is to have a home and family.

Question: That’s if she is single, but if she is married, then what disturbances does she have?

Answer: Since a woman is focused only on family, on children, it swallows her, but nowadays many other problems exist, all kinds of side effects appear as a result of our approaching Gmar Tikkun (end of correction). In general, the disturbances on the way to spirituality are different and appear differently for women and for men.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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