A Characteristic Sign Of The Times

laitman_565_02Comment: Our time is differentiated from its predecessors in that people are more and more distant from each other.

There are many options today because television, telephones, all kinds of games, and all of the correspondence through the Internet helps us to move away from each other.

Also, today it is possible to order food and everything else that a person needs from home, so he has no need for anything else. Only if there is a problem that requires medical help, will a person turn to a doctor.

The situation is similar even at work. Every person has his own cubicle with a computer. Everything is arranged to allow us to communicate as little as possible with each other because contact is becoming more and more difficult and burdensome day after day.

And this is natural because our ego is constantly growing. We see that connections between nations, countries, people, in particular between individuals and especially between children and parents are becoming unbearable. This is so much so that a person will immediately “explode.”

A new culture of communication is appearing in which people are used to saying vulgarities. They believe that this is the norm, and incidentally, they are not offended. This is something that amazes me a lot. It is particularly noticeable in parliaments….

Answer: In parliaments, this is natural. There are special rules there. They can insult, humiliate, and sling mud on each other. Yet, they are not quick to turn to lawyers and file lawsuits because this is their job.

But the family, children, school, work, the streets, driving cars, and everything else have become very sharp and hard.

What is interesting is that people are getting used to dialogue like this. The pain threshold of the individual is becoming more and more coarse. If in the past they would say something sharp to me, I would react to it negatively. I would not tolerate talk like this. Today someone talks to me and I accept the same talk as a norm of communications between us and we are not insulted by it. Nobody thinks this is unethical and coarse.

In accordance with this, the trend is changing and art, television channels, theaters, and movies are showing old classics, or low-grade series.

We are moving toward a situation in which our world is becoming more and more coarse, opaque, and ultimately the emotional nerve cells of feelings die.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/1/16

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