Union Concluded At Mount Sinai, Part 4

laitman_232_06In ancient Babylon Abraham discovered that the egoistic force that erupted could be balanced by the good force. He realized that it was not a local conflict that only related to Babylon, but it applied to the entire universe, to the entire upper system that includes in itself not only this world, but also the five upper worlds.

So Abraham began to ask how it was possible to reach this balance? After all, our egoism is very shallow in comparison to the upper worlds and the great forces of good and evil that act in them. What a tremendous evil force we need to reveal in order to attain the entire positive force of nature? How would we be able to withstand such egoism?

And the Creator consoled Abraham that he has nothing to worry about, because his descendants would go into exile. Meaning that the group called Israel would receive such a big negative force that would oblige them to reveal a positive force to balance it.

The balance of these two forces starts from the state at Mt. Sinai and the receiving of the Torah. We by ourselves cannot extract the positive force from nature that would balance the tremendous force of our egoism.

We need an entire system for achieving this positive force and the balance between the two forces. This system is called the Temple, a huge vessel, a special state, where negative and positive forces are in harmony with each other.

When Abraham heard this from the Creator he realized that success was guaranteed. The most important thing was to reveal a powerful negative force called Egypt. This entire negative force is revealed as the Pharaoh that rules over the children of Israel and makes them feel that they must rise above him.

A miracle happens at Mt. Sinai where they receive this positive force. This is a big holiday, a great joy from rising above our nature, and new horizons open in front of a person.

It is impossible to reveal the positive force without revealing the big negative force within us, because the egoism acts as “help against it” and pushes us forward, forcing us to look for the positive force. We feel that we can’t exist in slavery to our egoism any longer. All the Egyptian plagues and blows to our ego push us to reveal the good force.

Question: What conclusions can we draw from the events at Mt. Sinai for our lives today?

Answer: The giving of the Torah happens every day and a person needs to imagine himself standing at Mt. Sinai again. Every moment we need to renew this root again and again, because the egoistic force within us is renewed all the time and we need to draw the positive force against it in order to balance them.

We will continue to advance this way until we reveal the entire negative force and the entire positive force against it, each time reaching the balance between them. It means rising through 125 degrees. At the end, the positive force called the Creator will balance the entire egoistic force allotted to the creature. And then we will feel ourselves in harmony between these two forces and will reach the revelation of the good upper force.

And the negative force wasn’t bad, it actually helped us reveal the Creator and unite with Him.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/2/16

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