What Is Infidelity In The Spiritual World?

laitman_276_02Question: For a woman in the spiritual world, what is “infidelity” in relationships between a man and woman?

Answer: In the spiritual world, the concept of infidelity doesn’t exist because it operates on the basis of equivalence of characteristics. When two systems enter into an attachment, each one gives and receives, one from the other and they create a “contact,” which is called Zivug (coupling). The systems are divided and move apart from one another to the degree of the difference between these characteristics. The more equivalence between them, the fuller the connection they enter and vice versa.

In the spiritual world there are no souls that are mutually connected permanently.

Contacts between them are very rapid; the souls enter into contact and immediately break up. Again they establish a contact and again they break up. So the contacts are constantly renewed. We change all the time. If in this world I am in front of you in a physical form, it doesn’t change very much and so there is no problem in identifying me; in the spiritual world, I acquire new forms on every level and am completely different all the time and am even called by different names. It is not even possible to identify between who I was yesterday, who I am today, or who I will be tomorrow; these are completely different expressions of my soul.

Every day a person is new. If previously he was on the level of “Moses,” today he is on the level of “Abraham,” and tomorrow on the level of “Noah,” and so on. The desires are constantly changing. The degree of correction of the desires changes and constantly reaches changes in direction. Each time a new switch occurs. We are so included in each other that nothing will remain of us until we become one uniform mass.

The person begins to feel that he is seemingly swimming in ceaseless movement within eternity and wholeness! His “self” dissolves except for one point, so that he can feel something outside of himself. I don’t know what the fate of that point is after the completion of correction, but all of these sensations and emotions are sensations and emotions that are external to our “self.” It is so wonderful to dissolve into something eternal and perfect, what could be better? All of the limitations in our world disappear: time, motion, and space, and we are in perpetual motion and spiritual ascent!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/6/16

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