Union Concluded At Mount Sinai, Part 1

Union Concluded at Mount SinaiQuestion: What is this union that the Creator concludes with the people of Israel at Mount Sinai?

Answer: One shouldn’t imagine the events at Mount Sinai through Hollywood movies. We are talking about the laws of nature. The Torah is eternal and it means that now we also live inside this system. This is not a situation that arose once and disappeared.

It is said that the giving of the Torah happens every day. This refers to a special force hidden in nature that is called the Creator. It is a good force that is revealed on the condition that a person wants to reveal it. Everything depends on the desire of a person.

We are created by the evil egoistic force, as it is said that “The Creator created the evil inclination.” The upper force created us opposite to itself, as evil egoists, and each one of us thinks only about himself and is unable to think about others.

The force of egoism that acts within us is our entire nature. We are not capable of being different. It is necessary to realize and accept this fact in order to see everything in the right light, to check our nature and to decide that that which was originally given to us is defined. Therefore if a person doesn’t correct himself there is no point to expect him to have a good relationship with others, meaning with either inanimate nature, or plants and animals, and even more so, with people.

And if he does something good for others it is only because he expects to receive some benefit for himself from it. In such circumstances he can be seemingly kind, but this is not a kindness to another but a more cunning use of him.

This is the way we live, and it doesn’t matter what type of connection we are talking about, either love between parents and children, mother to the baby, boy and girl who connect in order to create a family, or a nation united by common borders and native land.

Whatever it is, everyone always thinks only about his own welfare. And when we build between us systems of connections they always must be organized so that each one receives some benefit from them.

It is especially typical for a human, as we have the biggest egoism that isn’t balanced by anything. At the lower levels of nature such as the still, vegetative and animate there is a balance and minus is always balanced by plus.

But people don’t have it and therefore from generation to generation our egoism grows more and more. We have to bind ourselves by all sorts of laws, dependencies, and obligations to somehow live together and not to kill each other.

5,777 years ago one man, whose name was Adam, discovered that there is an additional positive force in nature. It is possible to extract it from nature and to balance a negative force in a person with it and turn him into a perfect system, where negative and positive forces act together. And then a person’s eyes open, giving him a different look at the entire reality.

He looks at everything not only through one negative force, but through the positive force as well, and through the interaction of both. By this he discovers a completely different dimension, a reality located above our world because the positive force acts in it.

He sees how the positive force of nature influences from above downward the negative force that acts on the level of our world and how these two forces can interact. A person understands how much he is controlled by these forces, positive and negative, and learns to control them by himself. He becomes a master of these two forces.

From this moment onward an opportunity to rise above this life is revealed to humanity, above our nature, above our miserable and even dangerous condition, above eternal enmity, and above a fleeting life, full of suffering and problems.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/2/16

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  1. رائع جدا
    أنه تطبيق رائع للقانون الأعظم للحياة
    لقوله تعالى ( فاعلم أنه لا إله إلا الله).
    والعمل بين المتناقضات وعدم تفضيل أحدها على الآخر
    لخلق توازن بينهما
    لقوله تعالى ( لا تطغوا في الميزان وأقيموا الوزن بالقسط ولا تخسروا الميزان)

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