The Divine Power Will Unite The World

laitman_202_0In the News (Jewish World): “It has been 115 years since the death of one of the brightest and multifaceted (Solovyov was not only a philosopher but also a poet, literary critic, publicist, public figure) individuals of the nineteenth century, but some of his thoughts and philosophies are relevant and, at times today, seem to me, a message from the future.In the notes I want to talk briefly about the three postulates of Vladimir Sergeyevich,…

The goal of the Creator is a universal union of mankind,

The world develops according to laws of goodness, mercy, and justice.

Earthlings expect a future without anti-Semitism, which is one of the worst and most vile diseases of mankind …

“…universal association will be realized through the world soul…This soul is in every human being and it is the link, both between nations and religions, as well as between individuals. It is the world-soul, its volitional impulse, its divine power, that will ultimately unite the world. …

The Jews, according to Solovyov, God’s chosen people. .. Solovyov’s third important postulate follows from the previous one: if the good will conquer evil, in the future there is no place for hatred between nations, and therefore, for anti-Semitism.

My Comment: The laws that were set down at the foundation of the world are sometimes revealed to people through a “sensitive soul” even without preliminary study of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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