Google’s Influence On Human Decisions

laitman_959Question: American psychologist, Robert Epstein, has set a goal for himself to clarify how searches using Google’s search engine can influence people’s political preferences. It became clear that, due to the degree of need and desire, Google could choose the new president of the United States. It has been found that 50% of the people read only the first two entries of the search engine, and 90% of the people read no more than nine entries, which is to say that people only believe that they are free.

Answer: People have never been free, especially since the advent of the communications media.

With the onset of newspapers, a person’s freedom ended. Even before then, he was not free since everything had been determined for him and he didn’t choose anything, neither a king nor any other public figure.

With the development of the media, when children who distributed newspapers began to run and shout “News!” the process of working directly on public opinion began. Instead of a king, a president, or some other national master, alleged freedom and democracy began to be advertised and sold.

How does this impact the population? It is through the media. Moreover, they are much more developed and sophisticated today than in the past because large populations are involved with it, and they manipulate things according to their will.

Radio, television, and the Internet were invented only for this goal. Otherwise there would not have been any success for networks, life, and society.

At the beginning of any such invention, it is clarified in what manner it would be possible to manage the masses with its help, and only after that are they deployed.

If someone thinks that, in this context, the Soviet Union was ahead of everyone, he is very mistaken. America and Europe have been the leaders; they know how to do this.

Question: This is additional proof of Kabbalah’s fundamental supposition that freedom doesn’t exist.

Answer: There is no freedom from the influence of the Creator.

Humans living on the face of the Earth have been given the opportunity to advance more or less correctly toward the goal that the Creator has indicated. Depending on this, we receive smaller or greater suffering. In any case, we do what has been determined by the Creator, but we apparently choose the way, and here the media play an important role.

Question: It is impossible not to fall under their influence.

Answer: Certainly, everything is processed in such a form that we fall under their influence.

Question: What can one do? Select President Clinton, and so forth?

Answer: There is nothing to do. They already have chosen her for you and have made an intention like this for you, and like a robot, you go peacefully and nicely to so-called free elections, and you vote.

In the Soviet Union, there was only one candidate, and they chose him, whereas here there are two or three because in the West, they can allow themselves to activate a developed method and make a presentation like this that is spread over the year so that there is something to be involved with and to write about.

This is speaking about an immense engine of commerce and politics on which they waste a lot of money because all of this animates life. Americans can allow this for themselves, so there could be even 20 candidates among them. What difference does it make?

Question: Is it possible to do something about this?

Answer: It is impossible to do anything unless humanity finally understands that it must act, must do something with itself. Only then will it be clear to people how they truly can influence their lives only through a higher connection so that their longing will be directed straight above.

For this, they must unite. Only a common desire to depart from material immorality to rise to a higher level, entering into a higher conduct and managing their fate, can save them.

Question: There are others who think that all of this is imaginary. Is this also the influence of the media?

Answer: Certainly, through the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we feel against whom we are working. After all, this is a powerful, egoistic machine that doesn’t make it possible for us to develop on any level: national, political, religious, or emotional. The ego dominates everything.

We are the only ones who say that it is necessary to rise above it. So, everything that is found in the hands of humanity will be directed against it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/17/16

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