Be In Close Connection With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there a difference between communication with the Creator through a text written by a Kabbalist and communication with Him through a situation that a person goes through?

Answer: Communication with the Creator may be through a situation. I remember once I had to attend a trial and it was very unpleasant and humiliating even though I didn’t really have an attitude about the situation. But it was specifically this situation that gave me a serious hold on the Creator.

Question: Is it possible to communicate with the Creator through pleasure?

Answer: This is very difficult.

Question: Does this mean it’s better through suffering or through a book?

Answer: It is not necessary to choose. You need to accept both the good and bad in the same way. As it is written, “A person must bless the bad just as he blesses the good” (Mishnah Berachot 9:5).

If a person is not directed this way, it isn’t good. He needs to prepare and correct himself. The uniqueness of the Creator is the prerequisite for looking at the world correctly: where does everything that exists and all that is stands before us or is felt within us come from? No matter what happens, everything that is felt and portrayed within me comes from the Creator.

Question: And what if I feel that the situation is bad?

Answer: It makes no difference how we feel the situation. The Creator portrays it so that through the bad we will connect with Him, and then the bad becomes good. It’s the only way. Love appears above all the evil.

Most importantly, you should not allow the picture of this world in any case to hide the spiritual world, the network, the upper force that manages us. We must not allow the various forces and circumstances of our world to conceal the Creator from us.

We must strengthen it with the help of friends, books, everything possible, and constantly hold on to a close connection with Him. We must monitor all of our thoughts, feelings, circumstances, and problems. And we must immediately join them to a greater yearning for the Creator. Don’t miss anything. It means that the Creator strongly wants you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/7/16

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