Scandal Over The “Panama Papers”

laitman_263Question: Over eleven million confidential financial documents were leaked from a Panamanian legal firm. It turns out that through this firm businessmen, politicians, and billionaires evaded taxes. Among them were 72 past and present heads of government. Apparently six hundred Israeli companies and 850 Israelis were involved in these machinations. Do you think that they will be prosecuted?

Answer: I can’t imagine who would prosecute them! No matter what happens, the powerful people of this world, the bank managers and the heads of state, have closed major accounts that are officially registered under the names of their children and grandchildren, and nothing can be done about this. It is impossible to undermine them. They will put a few minor officials in their place who will be suddenly pushed aside and removed from their positions and they will take the money.

Comment: Still we have a president and a previous minister in Israel who are accused.

Answer: For the time being a full fusion of an oligarchy with the government in Israel has not occurred, in which one covers the other. And even if you are my political or economic adversary, we still have a private agreement that in these areas, I won’t interfere, and you won’t either. This hasn’t settled in Israel yet so within this country with lots of scandals this will gradually pass.

When I arrived in Israel 40 years ago, it wasn’t possible to consider giving someone a bribe. But in the past 40 years we have become like all the rest of the world. As a result, in part, it will lead the world to realize that we must get rid of our egoism, to rise above it. 60% or 70% of what we earn goes into a black case and disappears down some hole, which provides no benefit!

If all were revealed: how much humanity earns, how much is spent its benefit, and how much it causes harm, it would be found out that 90% are harmed!

Question: Does money have a spiritual root?

Answer: Money is a covering on desires. If I can work with my desire correctly, meaning that I use it for good deeds, then this desire is covered by a screen called “money” (Kesef), “yearning” (Kisuf). The “branch” of this characteristic in our world is money. Gold is a harmful metal, which symbolizes greed, a craving for profit, pure egoism. Gold is Malchut, (silver) money is Bina.

Question: Will this greed destroy humanity?

Answer: Eventually it will lead to the recognition of evil and humanity will need to get rid of it.

Question: Does this mean that the rulers of the world cannot be punished? Is there some kind of punishment for them?

Answer: There cannot be any punishment. We are working in a single egoistic system and the one in a high position, can do whatever he wants. Even if someone else were to stand in his place, it would be the same.

Question: Does this mean that there is no way out of this situation?

Answer: The only way out is through education, compulsory education for all executives.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/4/16

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