The Group – A Magic Mirror

laitman_934Question: If a person is born with a certain spiritual potential, can he increase it above what is given?

Answer: Every person is born with a certain spiritual potential that can be increased through the study in a Kabbalistic group where together with other people he will develop his potential with the help of others. And everyone develops in such a way.

After all, we are small pieces of one single system called Adam that broke into many particles. We have to put this puzzle together. If my interaction with others is correct, then together with them I assemble some part of this puzzle, a small fragment. As a result, within this fragment I can begin receiving some sensation of the upper world.

When ten people get together and interact with one another in the correct way, they create a mini-image of the upper world where, just like in a magic mirror, they can reveal that world.
From Lesson in Russian, 12/20/15

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