New Life #644 – Socio-Economic Balance

New Life #644 – Socio-Economic Balance
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mendelbaum ben Moshe


Business owners don’t sleep at night because of all their worries and there is no point demanding greater economic fairness because man’s nature is egoistic, it is the evil inclination.

We live in a social fantasy since no one in the government cares about the public but primarily about himself. Protests will not lead to any meaningful change since human nature is evil. Replacing the government will not help either. A person wants to gain something from an action he performs so it would also be a good idea to find out what the protest organizers want.

There are no non-egoistic people in the world; we are all egoistic. Man’s nature is to take advantage of others for his own sake. Everyone uses the public for his own interest.

Tycoons all over the world throw the public crumbs from their table. The social struggle may lead to an addition of some butter on the bread crumbs but nothing more than that.

The root of the problem is the evil part in human nature, which has to be balanced by the good force. There is no other solution. The ego destroys all our systems, the climate, the economy, commerce, culture, education, and the family.

Our complaints to the tycoons can also be directed at rich countries that should help poor countries! But it won’t work. Only a thorough treatment will help because man’s nature is totally evil and cannot bear the fact that he doesn’t have more than others.

Only if we bring the good force into our life will it balance the evil in us and then the two forces will balance each other. We don’t know such a treatment. It started with Abraham and continued until the destruction of the Temple. The world needs a cure for evil, and so it angrily turns to Israel because only we have the method to balance evil. A balanced Israel is a society in which one person cares for another more than for himself. This is the law of balance.
From KabTV’s “New Life #644 – Social-Economic Balance,” 11/5/15

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