Pornography On The Children’s Channel

laitman_600_02Question: A court accepted the petition about prohibiting the screening of the series, “Youth” during prime-time on the Israeli Children’s Channel because of its pornographic content.

The court determined that it would be permissible to screen the series beginning at 10 pm only, for children above the age of 14. How do you relate to the fact that children above the age of 14 will have contact with such content?

Answer: It is necessary to give children an education, but correctly, because even from the age of 10 they begin to have interest in the opposite sex. And if there is a need for this in a child and sex education is truly necessary at a particular age, then it is necessary to educate them not at 10 pm, but at a time when they have the possibility of viewing these programs.

I remember that I began to be interested in this question when I was 12-13 years old. My mother worked as a gynecologist, so in our home library there were also books about gynecology.

They were placed on the upper shelves, but I would climb up there, take these books and look at them. Of course, I still didn’t understand anything in them, but my mother, incidentally, explained a few things on the subject to me herself. So I knew something.

But without a doubt, there is a need for this! Only this must be offered to a child correctly, not excessively, not obscenely, but kindly like human beings with a humane approach.

It is necessary to explain to children how this happens with animals and with people, why, what for, and how we can use it to enjoy life. Basically, sex attracts a person because it is the highest source of pleasure in our world. That means it is necessary to bring them to it correctly.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/18/15

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