Rid The World Of The Virus Of Anti-Semitism

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we feel ourselves completely alone in the stormy sea of hatred towards us. During the last half-century we could not even imagine a situation like this. We supposed that anti-Semitism had been a passing phase in the history of humanity.

And suddenly it flares up with a new fury, engulfing scientists, men of culture, science, and psychology, which is to say the most developed and educated part of humanity, not to mention everyone else.

Such an attitude towards us is absolutely irrational; it is within humanity. The outbursts of hatred, like a mental illness, have no connection to the level of cultural, scientific, social, and economic development. They come by themselves and spill out during certain periods of human history.

In our day this comes to be expressed even among those people who never had any connection with us. This hatred towards us is completely not understandable, because they don’t really know who the Jews are.

They hate us because some kind of virus breaks out from within them. For them it is new. It simply breaks out inside them and spreads in all directions.

Throughout the generations, the Jewish people have suffered from a virus with the resounding name “anti-Semitism.” But in our hands there is the method of Abraham, based on the laws, “And you shall love your friend as yourself,” “Don’t do to your friend what is hateful to you,” on the principles of Arvut (Mutual Guarantee) and unity.

As long as we don’t bring this method to our attention, not as a theory but as something practical in daily life and don’t begin to educate ourselves in this direction, we ourselves nourish and open up this general anti-Semitism.

So the attitude towards us will only grow and become more severe from day to day despite any temporary calm and lull, after which comes a new wave of hatred, even greater than before.

We are found within a natural framework, which has repeatedly demonstrated his trend to us. I hope that we understand what must be done and will succeed in regrouping to provide everyone with security and a good future.

Without a doubt, everything that happens between us respectively influences humanity. If we begin to take steps to connect and unite, as one people with one heart, the rest of the peoples will also turn around towards this under our influence.

They have no freedom of choice, so they simply follow us. In fact, immediately, we will see how qualitative changes in our attitudes will cause changes in their attitude between them and with us.

It is impossible for us to forget this; it is worthwhile to consider seriously that the correction of our attitude according to the general rule “Love thy neighbor” will cover the entire world and bring happiness and wellbeing to humanity.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/24/14

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