Who Will Teach The World About Love Of Others?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I see examples of love of others in other nations a thousandfold more than in Israel. So, why do you attribute love of others to Israel only when you suppose that this is something unique about the people of Israel?

Answer: I am only saying that the method for attaining absolute love is found within the wisdom of Kabbalah. The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t belong exclusively to the people of Israel. However, the group that went out of ancient Babylon in the past and was composed of representatives of all the tribes that were living there realized the method of Kabbalah and transformed itself into a single people.

In a particular period of history, from the construction of the first Beit HaMikdash (First Temple) until the destruction of the second Beit HaMikdash (Second Temple), they lived according to these laws and then fell from this level. Among the people of Israel there exists a spiritual gene, an inner memory (Reshimo), of this state and the entire method that makes it possible to attain this, meaning to come to love of others, is found in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: Does this method belong to Jews only?

Answer: This method belonged to the people of Israel in times past, and now it must be realized through this people for the entire world, for these people were in this state previously. They implemented it, and a spiritual Reshimo remains in them. So, now, they must present an example to the entire world. This is what is called being a “Light to the nations.”

Question: Does this mean that it is possible to teach Kabbalah, love of others, in Gaza?

Answer: If we convey the method of Kabbalah to Gaza, and the Palestinians try to implement it themselves, nothing will go out to them. They need an example; teachers are required. It is only Jews that can provide this example and the teachers. This is because Jews are not a people. Rather, they are a spiritual group that was once on that spiritual level and fell from it afterward.

So, it is impossible to consider us as a regular people and relate to us as one would to all the peoples. We are a conduit between the spiritual force and the physical world. We have the possibility of conveying Light to this world.

It follows that the people of Israel have a unique educational and social mission in relation to all of humanity. They must become teachers who teach love of humanity according to the method of Kabbalah.

Question: Does this mean that we must love everyone to an equal degree without any connection to whichever people each of them belongs to?

Answer: There is a method that awakens love for others in the heart of the person, but it must enter into general use through a unique people who will show an example to everyone and bring all of humanity to its implementation.

Question: If there is love of others in one’s heart, must it be directed toward everyone without exception, not only toward the Jews, but also toward all the rest, including the Palestinians in Gaza as well?

Answer: Ultimately, this is how it will be. This means that we have hope that, ultimately, the world will attain a love such that there will be no borders between peoples. There is a method that makes it possible to attain this. The people of Israel must manage its realization in the world.
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 8/14/14

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