What Is The Meaning Of A Kiss?

Dr. Michael LaitmanComments regarding a research study on kissing: What a strange thing the kiss is. Why do humans cling to each other with their lips and express their love in this way? Besides us, only chimpanzees do this.

Researchers have not found convincing or decisive evidence that the main function of kissing is to stimulate sexual arousal.

Scientists consider the main function of kissing to be very pragmatic and useful: This is to evaluate one’s partner. As far as it seems, humans who aspire to a long-term relationship ascribe great importance to kissing.

Those who conducted this research learned about many kinds of functions of romantic kissing through investigating the attitude towards the significance of kissing in various situations in the development of couples. The hypothesis about this was confirmed. Kissing serves a useful purpose – evaluation of the partner.

Women participants ascribe great importance to the evaluation of a partner, as well as great value to socio-sexual intent. They ascribe a greater degree of importance to kissing in romantic relationships, reporting that the first kiss can influence their attraction to a potential partner to a high degree of probability.

Men value the importance of kissing less, as well as people who don’t value socio-sexual intent. Regarding the importance of the kiss in the preliminary stage of mutual relationships they reported that partners don’t ascribe much importance to socio-sexual intent.

Women consider the kiss as being more significant in long-term relationships. Other than that, kissing is associated most of the time with a feeling of satisfaction in a mutual relationship. The authors of the study didn’t find significant evidence for the hypothesis that the main function of kissing is to arouse the partner.

My Response: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there are three levels of approach between spiritual objects: embracing, kissing, and coupling. These correspond to the three phases in the growth of a spiritual object: Ibur (conception) – immaturity, Yenika (suckling), Mochin (adulthood) – maturity. So, according to the law of the root, the cause, and the branch, the result, we must use connection between us as we would a kiss.

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