The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 21

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein,

“Fundamental Principles of the Integral Theory”

Will There Be Socialism?

Much is said about the failure of socialism. The Dictionary of Political Science describes this in the following way:

“The domination of the totalitarian system led to an economic, political and spiritual crisis, lagging behind developed countries, isolated from world culture.” (Academic Dictionary)

Another dictionary adds:

“The authorities’ inability to control the situation led to the destruction of socialism and the Soviet Union, a drop in production, and many other serious consequences.” (Academic Dictionary)

The problem with these explanations is that they are, in essence, talking about the consequences and not the causes. What the root of the problem is these explanations cannot make clear. In addition, these and other similar interpretations appeared after the Soviet Union had collapsed. As you know, it’s easy to be wise after the event.

Yet, it is not clear. If humanity is moving steadily toward unification, why did the system, which was based on collectivist values, fail?

This might be the cause:

“If a society is not developed to the necessary extent, the collective governance would become the worst regime for it.” (HaUma

It might sound true because this was written when the former USSR was at its peak – in 1940. However, maybe the author did not like socialism at all? It turns out that it is just the opposite.

“The socialist idea, which consists of equal and fair distribution, appears to me as the truest.” (HaUma

“… the difficulties in Russia did not prove that the socialist idea is inherently unfair … What harms them is nothing else but their inadequate development, and, consequently, their unpreparedness for this idea.” (HaUma

If everything is good, why is it so bad?

So people were not ready for the idea. So what? People were not ready for other ideas either. For example, religious ideas. Well, by using the carrot and the stick, religions successfully spread and took root. However, the author points out what he has in mind.

“… They did not take into account that in the end they also needed the proletariat’s mentality in order for it to work; that it was necessary to create the property of altruism, which would have brought about the realization of the slogans. And it is absolutely impossible.” (Yehuda Ashlag “The Solution,”

So, is it a dead end?

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