An Ideological Revolution

From the brochure “The Only Way Out – Israel Today.”

Recently, expressions such as the “chosen people,” “people of the idea,” “spiritual people,” evoked a feeling of unease, of savagery, religious restrictions, and most importantly, a sense of not belonging to all of these phrases.

The war against Hamas has made, in fact, an ideological revolution. The media, especially social networks, were literally flooded with these kind of expressions. They come from both Jews and non-Jews. When rockets reach anywhere in the country, the position of an outside observer quickly disappears.

On one hand, there is some feeling of hopelessness; on the other hand, no one talks and writes that we should leave Israel and seek a safer place in another part of the planet.

Why? Because we all see that the planet does not want Jews. If previously we talked about anti-Semitism in some countries, today it is difficult to find a country where anti-Semitism does not exist. Literally, every day where anti-Semitism was manifested before, its activity is increasing, and where it did not exist before, it begins to grow rapidly.

Such a full-blown wave of anti-Israel, or rather anti-Semitic declarations has never been, unless, of course, we do not recall Nazi Germany. Even countries, such as El Salvador, Peru, and Argentina, joined the general mayhem and have begun to withdraw their ambassadors.

The world does not care that we provide food, energy, and medical care to those who are constantly bombarding our cities. The world is quite seriously concerned why so many terrorists are killed and why there are so few casualties among those who oppose the terrorists.

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